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Brands of women’s bags and shoes

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  2. brands of women’s sneakers
  3. brands of men’s sneakers
  4. botas dr. marten’s
  5. blauer jackets
  6. UGG boots
  7. lacrem paris necklaces

Leaders in the online bag sector

And it is that when it comes to bags for girls , women or women, or brand backpacks , we have an infinity of current brands, in which each item is spectacular for each woman’s profile. We have bags of all kinds , but what we don’t have are cheap bags online , since everything cheap is very expensive … So we have a medium-high price but you know that you have a bag for your whole life. From large bags , to mini bags, shoulder bags, and in a thousand ways, you can find them all in our online bag store . You will surely find that shopper bag that you are looking for for the day to day, comfortable and pretty. Not to mention shoulder bags , which are very comfortable, as if you were not carrying anything. If you are looking for a casual bag, you are also in your best online bag store. If you want, you can see all michael kors bags , or all guess bags online .

These are some of our handbag brands;

  1. Marc jacobs
  2. Alexander McQueen
  3. Zadig & Voltaire
  4. Mulberry
  5. Karl Lagerfeld
  6. Michael Kors
  7. Emporio armani
  8. Chiara ferragni
  9. Hogan
  10. Blauer
  11. Guess
  12. Calvin klein
  13. DKNY
  14. Save my bag
  15. Love moschino

Brands of women’s sneakers

Women’s footwear has changed a lot , before shoes were worn a lot, with heels if possible, and now, it is better to go comfortably with women’s shoes with a little wedge if possible, to further stylize the figure. The shoes have become the best you can be a woman, in their day to day with a casual shoes , you can go to work and go incredibly stylized. The shoes sports , with the concept coarser, more style. In our store you can find fashion shoes from the following brands.

  1. Michael kors sneakers
  2. Ash sneakers
  3. Philippe Model sneakers
  4. Karl Lagerfeld sneakers
  5. Premiata sneakers
  6. Hogan sneakers
  7. Voile Blanche sneakers
  8. Emporio Armani sneakers

Men’s shoe brands

And that conceited man, who wants to wear good shoes, also uses fashionable sneakers , and this time, with a discreet design, or more daring depending on the brand of sneakers you choose. Comfort and quality at your feet, with the most fashionable men’s shoes on the market, and these are the brands that you can find online, in the men’s shoes section .

  1. Philippe Model men’s sneakers
  2. Premiata men’s sneakers
  3. Hogan men’s sneakers
  4. Emporio Armani men’s sneakers
  5. Voile Blanche sneakers

Blauer jackets

Spectacular Blauer women’s jackets , they keep you warm and brutally stylize you. Large selection of models, available in our online store, enter and discover blauer jackets for women , and find yours!

UGG Boots

The boots for every winter, those are undoubtedly the UGG boots for women , you will not be cold at all and they complete the outfit perfectly With a wide variety of boot models, you will find yours in the color that you like best.

Lacrém paris necklaces

The woman necklaces of LACREM paris, are cute, starting with the necklace cross Rue Rennes , which has a lovely pendant, finished with sterling silver, and a measure of 3cm approximate, with beautiful zircons, up to Necklace for a woman from Lacrém, the rue Sant Louis necklace model , which is for a daring woman with a lot of personality, this cross pendant measures 6 cm and with precious colored zircons, it looks spectacular. You can see all the Lacrem paris necklaces .

Some of our brands summarized,


Marc Jacobs



Karl Lagerfeld

Alexander McQueen



Philippe Model




Michael Kors

Emporio armani






Fashion brands in bags

And of course in shoes , you can see a few of the fashion brands in bags and shoes that we have at Playbcn, either in our online store or in our stores . You have never had so easy to buy branded bags such as Michael kors bags, Karl Lagerfeld bags , Mulberry , DKNY or women’s shoes from these brands.
Perhaps some of the brands that we currently have is not shown on this page, for more information locate your store closest to you and pay us a visit, we are waiting for you with wide open arms.

In the handbag category , we have the brand, Mulberry,  Michael kors Karl Lagerfeld , Alexander McQueen,  DKNY among others, a great range and we always choose the most daring and beautiful on the current market. Great firms with great designers, at Play we don’t choose just any brand, but great fashion designers.

In the footwear category, we include party shoes, day-to-day shoes, sneakers or boots, and the firms are once again Michael kors, Karl, Mulberry, DKNY among other brands.

And is that today, accessories such as bags and shoes are very important. And what better way than to choose to go with style, and hand in hand with the big brands , with a work by each of their designers , for which we are super grateful. The brands of bags, and fashion brands in women’s shoes that we have, are, among others, Mulberry, Karl lagerfeld, Michael kors, Dkny, Premiata, Blauer. With great designers behind each one of them, they leave us impressed year after year in each new collection they create.

mulberry bags

Karl Lagerfield Bags



philippe model


michael kors


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